Bridal Boudoir Photography

bridal boudoir photography

Boudoir photography is a wide field and offers many lighting, posing and shooting styles depending on who is being photographed and what feeling she would like to portray.  Here’s a photograph from a bridal boudoir photo shoot in my gorgeous Sussex photography studio that demonstrates a softer, restrained boudoir photography style, versus the more moody lingerie sessions.  A private moment and contemplative look is equally alluring and suggestive as any flirty glance down the lens while laid out on a chaise longue.  Boudoir photography is all about suggestion, titillation and imagination.  The intimacy of this image adds to its boudoir allure.

Bridal boudoir photographs, beautifully packaged and presented in a tastefully designed bespoke album or a portfolio box of mounted prints, are the ultimate wedding gift to your groom.  He will wonder why he didn’t get you down the aisle sooner!

Both styles of boudoir photography are flattering, sexy and feminine, not to mention empowering and fun!

Go on…ruffle his feathers.

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