Confining your precious family photographs in the digital dungeon that is your computer makes no sense.  And restricting them to your mobile is just mean – it is so small, how can they even breathe in there?

family photographer - horsham family photo shoot

Photographs are your history, your memories.  They should be out in the light, on your walls where they can breathe and be a part of the family.  They should be in beautiful albums that can be taken out to visit friends and relatives, or paged through during quiet time.  Photographs should wrap you in memories like a big, cuddly blanket.

fun family photography sussex - father and daughter

Portrait photography used to be so different from how we do it these days.  It used to be about getting smartly dressed and behaving properly in a portrait studio.  Everyone was posed and asked to smile endlessly until even the parents felt like squirming and whining.  I’m not talking about that many years ago either.  So much fun.  Like everything else technology has given us the freedom to get outdoors and move at a much faster pace.  These days only fitness levels prevent a good photographer from keeping up with the kids.  In fact, I strongly recommend taking up family photography if you’re looking for regular cardio workouts without going to the gym.  Now we just get out there, we have fun and let personalities shine.

child running - sussex children photography

model portfolio sussex - model photos on the beach

Of course it is lovely to have beautiful memories close to hand.  Every parent wants to show photographs of their gorgeous children to friends and family…and sometimes even strangers.  I give my photography clients their very own personalised app to download to their phone.  It is an easy to use digital album of their favourite photographs from their photo shoot.  They love the beautiful, high quality photographs perfectly suited to digital display.

father and son - family photography horsham

model photographer kent - model in the woods

sussex family photographer - family walking in long grass

children photography kent - boy in a meadow


Get great family photos and let them out!  #FreeThePhotos

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Horsham Family Photography

I first met Rob and Jen five years ago when they were looking for a wedding photographer.  Their wedding was such a good day and yesterday was their fourth wedding anniversary.  Congratulations to an awesome couple!

horsham family photography

Time flew by and I next saw them when they came to my studio when George was born and then again when Oliver was born.  So, it was truly amazing to spend time again with them all last week.

sussex photographer


children photographer horsham

We were unbelievably lucky with the weather – absolutely perfect.  We met at Warnham Local Nature Reserve near Horsham, West Sussex, and spent 1.5 hours walking around, having fun and generally wearing ourselves out.  Oh, and in between we created beautiful family memories.

warnham local nature reserve

I’d never been to Warnham before – it was one of Jen’s suggestions as they are Horsham locals and the boys love the nature reserve.  I Google Earthed her suggestions (gotta love technology!) and chose Warnham Local Nature Reserve, because it offered so many great opportunities for beautiful family photography.  I figured out where in the nature reserve would be best for their family photo shoot and, as always, I arrived early to wander around and plan our route.  I feel that if a shoot is well planned everyone is relaxed and there is an easy, natural rhythm that comes about.

warnham photographer

When I saw on the Warnham Local Nature Reserve website that there were a few bird hides, I knew exactly the photograph I wanted to get.  Fortunately, being the end of the day, the hide was empty as most of the bird watchers had packed up for the day.  And, ta-da, it worked out just as I planned!

horsham photographer

Things must be climbed and fields must be explored.  That’s what childhood is all about.

west sussex photographer

sussex children photographer

horsham children photographer

family photographer horsham

outdoor family photographer sussex

From the moment I saw the boardwalk on the website, I couldn’t wait to get them all onto this stretch.  It was an ideal for photography…and great fun for the boys too!

surrey photographer

west sussex family photographer
family photographer west sussex

family photographer sussex

Late afternoon / early evening is my favourite time to photograph families outdoors in summer.  The sun is low and the golden light is just magical.

horsham family photographer

What a great place for Horsham family photography!

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Sussex Beach Shoot

model photography sussex

So Sunday was supposed to be gloriously hot, sunny and with minimal wind.  I was so excited!  I’d been waiting for a day like this and we’d postponed the beach shoot from the week before when winter decided to revisit.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day in Bexhill, East Sussex.  The beaches were full of people all day sunning themselves, barbecuing and even swimming.

cowgirl beach shoot

As the scheduled time of my shoot approached I watched the sky with growing anxiety.  The clouds started moving in.  Fast.  Fast, because the wind picked up.  But I’d been waiting for so long for this and (almost) nothing was going to stop my long dreamed of sunset beach shoot.

sunset beach sussex

We didn’t get the dramatic sky, we weren’t flooded with glorious golden tones and it wasn’t a tranquil sunset.  I probably looked like a mad woman trying to control my reflector, while photographing, as the wind tried to whip it away.  Jade’s gorgeous hair was thrashed about and we had to change where I’d planned on photographing on the pier (well, the sticky out concrete platform bit) and shoot next to it in the shelter of the wind.  But this is what location shooting is all about.  It’s what makes it exciting and challenging and different every time and I just love it.  Almost as much as I love the photographs of our sunset portrait shoot!

sunset shoot

bexhill beach photography

sussex beach model portfolio

sussex lifestyle photographer

makeover photo shoot sussex

Get in touch to book your Sussex beach shoot or Kent beach shoot this summer.

The beach is a great place to create gorgeous memories for families and a stunning location for eye catching makeover photo shoots.

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The World Is My Studio


A few months ago I started thinking about stuff.  Now I’ve made an enormous decision and I could’t be more excited!

This may come as a bit of a shock to anyone who has been to my studio as you’ll know how beautiful it is and how much I love it.  The thing is, life happens and it gets a person thinking.  I’ve decided I need a change.

For years now I’ve been living like a bat.  I’ve been working away indoors all day, emerging only at the end of the day.  Every day.  Very often I’ve worked in little light as when I’m processing a shoot on my computer I can see better when I don’t have lots of light flooding in.  I know – in a studio that has so much beautiful natural light I’ve spent most of the time shutting it out.  Because that makes sense!?  I’ve loved every minute of working in my studio, but now I want be in the light.  So, I’m giving it up.

As of the end of January I will shoot mainly on location.  Amazing locations.  Not just at the local park.  Beautiful places that just work as a backdrop to an awesome portrait for families and children, fashion and model portfolio photography, actors’ headshots and business profile photographs.  I will continue to photograph boudoir as I really do enjoy the way a boudoir shoot can make a woman feel truly gorgeous and desirable.  I’m setting up a boudoir studio at home and will be taking a limited number of boudoir bookings.

I will be out there in the gorgeous sunshine, the rain and even the wind.  Early in the morning and in the beautiful golden hour at the end of the day.  I will be shooting in amazing locations that I’ve sourced, because I like their beauty, ruggedness or even industrial scruffiness.  I will shoot anywhere, but you will most often find me in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey countryside or the amazing urban spaces of London.

Actually, I’ve already started.  And I am ridiculously excited about the journey!

Contact me to start planning your beautiful memories and career catapulting portfolio, profiles and headshots.

start to finish

Superhero Photo Shoot

I knew that this would be a great idea.  After all, what child doesn’t want to be a superhero, what parent doesn’t want to see their child having the time of their life AND have amazing photos of it to treasure forever?  When he is 21 he’ll still think he looked cool.  What I didn’t fully comprehend was the ridiculous amount of fun I’d have doing it!  I really had no idea just how much it would mean to the little superheroes that came to my studio.

The sweetest thing (that actually made me feel a little bad) was that every single one of the superheroes that came back to my Sussex photography studio later with their parents for the viewing session and then to collect their photos wanted to have another go on the set…and it no longer existed by then as I’d had to dismantle it for other shoots.  They all wanted to have a look for themselves to make sure it was actually gone.  They all went and clambered over the one remaining part of the set – the “building” (wooden platform to you and me) they stood on.  Little Charlie even asked me if he could at least look at the capes and masks again.  George thinks he’s famous now, because some of his superhero images appeared on my Facebook page for his parents to tag and share.  I thought Oscar was going to burst with excitement during his shoot – too cute!  Ethan taught me how to shoot Spiderman webs properly – I was doing it all wrong.

In the planning stages I never thought about superhero siblings, but on the spur of the moment (if they came along to the shoot and were feeling left out) I included brothers and sisters for a couple of shots.  SO glad that I did, because the results were super cute!

super siblings

Every superhero was brilliant and produced awesome shots and it was so satisfying to capture the magic of childhood – the moment you can see when a child fully believes that they are who they’re pretending to be and everything around them is real.  Deciding on a winner was an incredibly difficult decision!  Once I’d made a final selection of 2 of my favourite photographs of each superhero, the photos were put to a panel to select the winner.  Super Ollie won the competition to be the Superhero Face of Jane Allan Photography.  He received a mask and cape of his choosing (from http://www.capesrus.co.uk)  and his photograph will soon appear in one of my studio windows.

superhero themed shoot

It is hard to say which superhero character was the most popular out of Superman, Captain America, Batman and Spiderman, but I think it might just have been Batman.  I loved that Jaeden’s dad wore a Batman t-shirt to the shoot in support of his son’s favourite superhero…he gets the cool dad award.

Also – I cannot even begin to tell you the workout I had over the three days that I ran the superhero shoot!  No, really, superhero photography should be an exercise class.  Try photographing (for hours) while holding Spiderman positions.  Kudos to every Spiderman actor ever (they must have the most toned thighs and buns ever!).

I cannot wait to do it all over again with more Sussex Superheroes!!

sussex children photographer