Confining your precious family photographs in the digital dungeon that is your computer makes no sense.  And restricting them to your mobile is just mean – it is so small, how can they even breathe in there?

family photographer - horsham family photo shoot

Photographs are your history, your memories.  They should be out in the light, on your walls where they can breathe and be a part of the family.  They should be in beautiful albums that can be taken out to visit friends and relatives, or paged through during quiet time.  Photographs should wrap you in memories like a big, cuddly blanket.

fun family photography sussex - father and daughter

Portrait photography used to be so different from how we do it these days.  It used to be about getting smartly dressed and behaving properly in a portrait studio.  Everyone was posed and asked to smile endlessly until even the parents felt like squirming and whining.  I’m not talking about that many years ago either.  So much fun.  Like everything else technology has given us the freedom to get outdoors and move at a much faster pace.  These days only fitness levels prevent a good photographer from keeping up with the kids.  In fact, I strongly recommend taking up family photography if you’re looking for regular cardio workouts without going to the gym.  Now we just get out there, we have fun and let personalities shine.

child running - sussex children photography

model portfolio sussex - model photos on the beach

Of course it is lovely to have beautiful memories close to hand.  Every parent wants to show photographs of their gorgeous children to friends and family…and sometimes even strangers.  I give my photography clients their very own personalised app to download to their phone.  It is an easy to use digital album of their favourite photographs from their photo shoot.  They love the beautiful, high quality photographs perfectly suited to digital display.

father and son - family photography horsham

model photographer kent - model in the woods

sussex family photographer - family walking in long grass

children photography kent - boy in a meadow


Get great family photos and let them out!  #FreeThePhotos

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Brighton Beach Romance

I arranged to meet Olivia and Jonny at Brighton Pier for a sunset couple photo shoot on Brighton beach.  We walked along the beach towards the old pier until we found a spot near the water and not too close to fellow sunsetters.  It was a gorgeous evening for Brighton couple photography – warm, a slight breeze and a slowly setting golden sun.

Brighton couple photography - couple and setting sun


What I love so much about Brighton couple photography is the vibe, people always out there soaking up life and enjoying themselves.  So, of course Brighton beach will always be busy, a lively, communal kind of busy.  When Jonny popped the cork on the bubbly a cheer went up around us, which was just so Brighton.  Loved it!

Brighton couple photography - bubbly on the beach


Sunset is the the most magical time of day and the light is just perfect for couple photography.  With a little direction from me we ended up with beautifully relaxed photographs and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Brighton couple photography - chilling on the beach

Brighton photographer - couple and old Brighton pier


Brighton photographer - relaxing on Brighton beach

I’ve chosen three Sussex beaches for couple sunset shoots, because each beach offers something unique.  Brighton of course has the lovely old pier, which is great in the background of a photograph.  Bexhill at low tide is perfect for reflections on the sand.  Speaking of sand, the lovely sandy beaches of Camber Sands are made for romantic strolls and couple photography.

Couple photographer - loving couple in Sussex

Just throw down a blanket, pop the cork on the bubbly and enjoy being a couple, getting close, cuddling, laughing and watching the sunset.

Sussex photographer - couple on a beach

I don’t just do beach shoots for couples – romantic settings just perfect for couple photography are everywhere.  I’m always keen to discover new locations, so if you have a place in mind anywhere in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London I’d love to hear about it.

Click here for more information on couple photography outdoors in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.