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The personal branding photography experience

Do you not show up online as much as you should, because you don’t feel comfortable with your photos? Every entrepreneur and small business owner knows that people buy from people. This of course involves the horror of actually being photographed.

I wish I could just say to you that you will enjoy it and have you believe me. But! I know you’re thinking that actually, no, I have no idea how much you are dreading the thought.

So, what I’ll say instead, is that I’ve photographed boudoir for years (mainly women over 40) and every single one of those women has walked away feeling sensational and on a total high from the experience. If I can do that for near naked women (over 40, 50 and even a few over 60) who have lived and had several children…imagine what I can do for you, fully clothed and focused on your zone of genius?

Your future clients need to see you. The real, glorious you.

I say glorious, because that post 14 hour working day look might be an authentic you, but we want to show the other authentic you. The one that is full of personality and solutions. The one that has skills and services that people need.

Let your clients see you in the same light your bestie sees you. Let them know what it feels like to work with you, because they connect with your image. Let them see that raving testimonial from your ideal client, and actually get it, because they are drawn to the person they see.

Know. Like. Trust. It’s a mantra all entrepreneurs know. It starts with photos.


How does a Personal Branding Shoot work?

Here’s what you get with your personal branding photography experience:

    • Discovery call to find out more about you and your brand, and how we can work together.
    • Branding questionnaire, so that I can get a feel for who you are, your vision and your brand.
    • Planning consultation, complete with mood boards.
    • Loads of help and advice on what to wear, and a hair and makeup artist to style you sensational.
    • A shoot that feels more like a creative, fun brainstorming day with your business besties.
    • A private online viewing appointment a week later to select the photographs that will do all the selling for you.
    • A thorough polishing of your selected photos, which you can then download from a secure folder.
    • The freedom of showing up online without hesitation… proud, happy and confident!



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