A portrait of pregnancy


I just love bump photo shoots!

When designing my studio I specifically thought of the space I would need to create dramatic, artistic images and how women would feel to be photographed there, because when you are in beauty, you feel good.  So, my studio is warm and airy and packed with a great variety of backdrops, sets and floaty materials to make every pregnancy portrait experience truly unique and enjoyable.

No two bump photo shoots are ever alike, even if I use the same techniques, because so much depends on my client, how she’s feeling just 4 weeks ahead of her due date, her personal style, how comfortable she is in front of the camera and whether her partner and or other children are going to be in the photographs as well.  A bump photo shoot is also a fantastic time to start thinking about the newborn photo shoot as we can plan gorgeous “before and after” photographs – beautiful maternity poses that can be repeated at the newborn session, but this time with her adorable new baby.

With other styles of portraiture I concentrate on drawing out a person’s personality so that it shines through in the image.  With maternity photography, it is all about shape, change, expectations and the future, so my approach is more fine art.  I work on conveying the beauty of pregnancy, the miracle of a new life, dreams and the love and devotion a mother feels for her baby.  And because I have a big, beautiful studio packed full of stuff, photographing maternity portraits with gorgeous creative flair is one of my favourite ways to spend my day.

Nothing is more feminine than pregnancy, so with each maternity photo shoot I strive to create an elegant, feminine and artistic portrait of pregnancy that will make a heavily pregnant woman feel gorgeous…and make her friends wish they too had a lovely big bump to photograph!

And then I get all excited waiting to meet and photograph her gorgeous little newborn.

Here’s a link to our maternity photography image gallery.