Forget Diamonds…shadows are a girl’s best friend!

boudoir photographer Sussex

I have been so busy in the studio over the last couple of months that I’ve not had any time left to write about the photographs I’ve been taking.  Now that I am on top of all the very exciting developments in my studio all the sawdust and daily tidying up has been well worth it!  I now have a shooting area perfectly designed for how I like to shoot and light a scene to create dramatic, striking images. The week ahead is going to be hard work and so much fun as each day I will be working on bringing my ideas to “film” (or in the digital age, I should probably say pixel) and fine tuning concepts with some lovely volunteer ladies.

Which brings me to the title of my post …in the world of boudoir, shadows are definitely a girl’s best friend!  My approach to boudoir is to light a scene for the shadows, rather than just light it from every angle, because it is the shadows that create the mood and sexiness of a boudoir portrait.  When the imagination is made to work a photograph is so much more tasteful, enticing, mysterious and ultimately alluring.

Shadows are brilliant for sculpting the body – making more of the curves you want to show off and cleverly hiding the others.  We all have them…even supermodels, although to a lesser degree of course.  They’ve also spent a long time learning to work the angles of their bodies…and I’ve spent a long time developing skills to capture my clients looking their best.

So, in my Sussex boudoir photography studio shadows create mood, mystery and most importantly beauty.

PS – I was only joking about the diamonds…we all love a little sparkle!