Family dog walk in Sussex

This weekend I had a fantastic early evening outdoor family photo shoot in Fairlight, Sussex, on a family dog walk.  The sun shone, the wind wafted about just enough to make it interesting, the sky was blue and the grass was green.  Just perfect for an awesome growing family and their amazing dogs.

And because I loved it so much, I want to show you more than a couple of photographs, so I’m trying something new.  Here is a short slideshow of our shoot to give you a feel for what it was like out walking and photographing in the warm sunshine.

There is a soundtrack to the slideshow – I thought I’d let you know in case you’re in the office.



Here are a few images from the shoot.

sussex child photogrpaher

children photography sussex

outdoor family photography

haywards heath photographer

sevenoaks photographer

sevenoaks family photographer

sussex family photography


fun outdoor photography

fun family photography
lifestyle photography sussex

family outing photography

surrey family photographer

family photographer kent

family walk photo shoot


What does your family like doing?  Let’s get together and have fun creating forever memories of your family doing what you love best.

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Brighton Beach Romance

I arranged to meet Olivia and Jonny at Brighton Pier for a sunset couple photo shoot on Brighton beach.  We walked along the beach towards the old pier until we found a spot near the water and not too close to fellow sunsetters.  It was a gorgeous evening for Brighton couple photography – warm, a slight breeze and a slowly setting golden sun.

Brighton couple photography - couple and setting sun


What I love so much about Brighton couple photography is the vibe, people always out there soaking up life and enjoying themselves.  So, of course Brighton beach will always be busy, a lively, communal kind of busy.  When Jonny popped the cork on the bubbly a cheer went up around us, which was just so Brighton.  Loved it!

Brighton couple photography - bubbly on the beach


Sunset is the the most magical time of day and the light is just perfect for couple photography.  With a little direction from me we ended up with beautifully relaxed photographs and a thoroughly enjoyable evening.

Brighton couple photography - chilling on the beach

Brighton photographer - couple and old Brighton pier


Brighton photographer - relaxing on Brighton beach

I’ve chosen three Sussex beaches for couple sunset shoots, because each beach offers something unique.  Brighton of course has the lovely old pier, which is great in the background of a photograph.  Bexhill at low tide is perfect for reflections on the sand.  Speaking of sand, the lovely sandy beaches of Camber Sands are made for romantic strolls and couple photography.

Couple photographer - loving couple in Sussex

Just throw down a blanket, pop the cork on the bubbly and enjoy being a couple, getting close, cuddling, laughing and watching the sunset.

Sussex photographer - couple on a beach

I don’t just do beach shoots for couples – romantic settings just perfect for couple photography are everywhere.  I’m always keen to discover new locations, so if you have a place in mind anywhere in Sussex, Kent, Surrey or London I’d love to hear about it.

Click here for more information on couple photography outdoors in Sussex, Kent and Surrey.



Sussex Beach Shoot

model photography sussex

So Sunday was supposed to be gloriously hot, sunny and with minimal wind.  I was so excited!  I’d been waiting for a day like this and we’d postponed the beach shoot from the week before when winter decided to revisit.  It turned out to be a gorgeous day in Bexhill, East Sussex.  The beaches were full of people all day sunning themselves, barbecuing and even swimming.

cowgirl beach shoot

As the scheduled time of my shoot approached I watched the sky with growing anxiety.  The clouds started moving in.  Fast.  Fast, because the wind picked up.  But I’d been waiting for so long for this and (almost) nothing was going to stop my long dreamed of sunset beach shoot.

sunset beach sussex

We didn’t get the dramatic sky, we weren’t flooded with glorious golden tones and it wasn’t a tranquil sunset.  I probably looked like a mad woman trying to control my reflector, while photographing, as the wind tried to whip it away.  Jade’s gorgeous hair was thrashed about and we had to change where I’d planned on photographing on the pier (well, the sticky out concrete platform bit) and shoot next to it in the shelter of the wind.  But this is what location shooting is all about.  It’s what makes it exciting and challenging and different every time and I just love it.  Almost as much as I love the photographs of our sunset portrait shoot!

sunset shoot

bexhill beach photography

sussex beach model portfolio

sussex lifestyle photographer

makeover photo shoot sussex

Get in touch to book your Sussex beach shoot or Kent beach shoot this summer.

The beach is a great place to create gorgeous memories for families and a stunning location for eye catching makeover photo shoots.

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Shooting Grunge – Model

After weeks of truly rubbish weather it looked like we were going to have a break on the last day of the year.  We were wrong.

hastings photographer

It had been too long since my last location shoot and I was going into withdrawal, so we decided to go ahead anyway.  Luckily for me Helen is a true professional when it comes to arriving on set prepared and going with the flow.  We decided to embrace the windy and wet conditions and go a little wild and real with styling….shooting grunge in Sussex.

Our chosen Hastings location worked great to protect us a bit from the weather, but more importantly (because the end results are what count) to add to the slightly grungy look we wanted.  Helen’s wind whipped up hair looked just right.

wind whipped hair

redhead model hastings

The challenge of location shooting is working with what you’ve got to create awesome photographs.  As long as you work the light right, style the model accordingly and shoot appropriately for the location any type of weather looks good.

Love the results!

model photographer sussex

hastings model portfolio grunge

Contact me, your go-anywhere Sussex photographer, for model portfolio photography anywhere in Sussex or Kent – it is an amazingly varied part of the world that offers endless opportunities to create awesome photographs.

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Fashion in a Car Park

I wanted to get a gritty, attitudey (if that’s a word), but still oh so cool and chic, look to this fashion shoot in a car park.  As a Sussex photographer, I’m always on the lookout for locations local to me in Sussex.  When you start looking you’d be amazed how many there are.  Everywhere.

biker jacket

For a while now I’ve had my eye on a crash barrier in a car park.  As you do.  It was perfectly angled for a shot with the early morning winter sun coming in low and backlighting my model.  I always prefer to backlight my images, rather than blind my models, but not only for that reason – I like soft light.  Bright direct sun onto the face can be so harsh.

leather jacket fashion

Now I’m going to contradict myself, because we did turn the shot around and have the sun behind me.  I asked Jade to keep her eyes shut in between shots and then open briefly to look straight down the lens with a bit of attitude to suit our shoot style.  I love the contrast.

street fashion

Jade did brilliantly, and looking at the photos you’d have no idea that she was in fits of giggles between each perfectly composed shot.  I really should resist cracking jokes when we’re trying to be cool and serious.

biker fashion shoot


For more information on model portfolio shoots with me, your friendly Sussex photographer, click here.

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The World Is My Studio


A few months ago I started thinking about stuff.  Now I’ve made an enormous decision and I could’t be more excited!

This may come as a bit of a shock to anyone who has been to my studio as you’ll know how beautiful it is and how much I love it.  The thing is, life happens and it gets a person thinking.  I’ve decided I need a change.

For years now I’ve been living like a bat.  I’ve been working away indoors all day, emerging only at the end of the day.  Every day.  Very often I’ve worked in little light as when I’m processing a shoot on my computer I can see better when I don’t have lots of light flooding in.  I know – in a studio that has so much beautiful natural light I’ve spent most of the time shutting it out.  Because that makes sense!?  I’ve loved every minute of working in my studio, but now I want be in the light.  So, I’m giving it up.

As of the end of January I will shoot mainly on location.  Amazing locations.  Not just at the local park.  Beautiful places that just work as a backdrop to an awesome portrait for families and children, fashion and model portfolio photography, actors’ headshots and business profile photographs.  I will continue to photograph boudoir as I really do enjoy the way a boudoir shoot can make a woman feel truly gorgeous and desirable.  I’m setting up a boudoir studio at home and will be taking a limited number of boudoir bookings.

I will be out there in the gorgeous sunshine, the rain and even the wind.  Early in the morning and in the beautiful golden hour at the end of the day.  I will be shooting in amazing locations that I’ve sourced, because I like their beauty, ruggedness or even industrial scruffiness.  I will shoot anywhere, but you will most often find me in the Sussex, Kent and Surrey countryside or the amazing urban spaces of London.

Actually, I’ve already started.  And I am ridiculously excited about the journey!

Contact me to start planning your beautiful memories and career catapulting portfolio, profiles and headshots.

start to finish

Boats Rock a Model Portfolio

Sussex has so many amazing locations to offer for a model portfolio shoot.  I love locations near the sea, because there is alway such variety.  For this photo shoot in East Sussex we went to Hastings so that we could photograph on the beach around the fishing fleet.  Awesome location!

sussex model portfolio

Maybe it’s because I’e always lived near the sea, apart from 6 landlocked years in London.  Or maybe it’s because my very clever dad built my brother and I a beautiful little sailing boat when we were very young, which started a lifelong love of sailing.  I’ve always loved boats and areas around boats, whether it is a luxury yacht basin, the local sailing club or a working fishing fleet.  Or maybe the photographer in me has always seen the design beauty of boats and all the paraphernalia that goes with any kind of boating / sailing /shipping.

hastings model portfolio

Well, whatever it is, you have to admit, this location rocks…even more than the boat that rocked.  Maybe I’ll just stick to photography and leave the clever word play to comedians.  Moving on.

Jade is starting out on her model journey and we planned a number of location shoots for her modelling portfolio.  This was our first.  For a beginner she connected down the lens like a pro!  Because that’s the tricky thing about modelling – being gorgeous is one thing, but emoting to the camera, now that takes skill and practice.  Some are naturals.

east sussex model


Contact Jane to start building your modelling portfolio.  It’ll be fun and you’ll get loads of advice to plan the shoot including wardrobe selection and I’ll help you to pose like a pro!


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