What if newborn photography was timeless?

Sussex baby photographer

The average person lives 27,375 days so there will be many opportunities over the years for photographs that make you chuckle, but we have only the first 10 days to capture the very beginning, to create newborn art that will last and be beautiful forever.

Newborn photography is immensely satisfying – as a baby photographer I am very aware that I am taking the very first professional portrait of a person’s life.   That’s a big deal.  True newborn photo shoots need to happen within your baby’s first  ten days, a very small window to get those gorgeous curled up sleepy baby photographs.  After 10 days it is too late for newborn photos.  They want to stretch out their legs, get wriggly, are less sleepy and every day they grow that much bigger.  Of course it is still entirely possible to get gorgeous baby photographs, just not true newborn photographs.

We’ve all seen the trends of newborn babies with angel wings, Christmas babies dressed like puddings, Halloween babies dressed like pumpkins, babies looking like chefs etc etc.  The list goes on.  They are cute and adorable and always make me chuckle, but I can’t help thinking that when your baby is a too cool teenager or a 20 something professional, will they want to see these cutesy images proudly displayed on your lounge wall?  I don’t know – we are all different.  How can anyone really know the personality of a brand new human being at less than 10 days old?

But what if their baby photographs were timeless, simple and beautiful?

I always strive to create something different from the average family and newborn portrait, something a little bit special.  I try to create images that are highly personalised art that could easily be displayed on the wall of an art gallery.  These images are never going to go out of fashion, they are not shot using whatever current styling is trending.  The emphasis is on lighting, composition and how you feel when you look at the photographs.

They will always be art.  Beautiful.  Simple.  Breathtaking.  

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